Jim Bonney

A BAFTA award-winning composer/music director , Jim Bonney finds himself composing in a wide variety of styles, creating everything from avant-garde symphonic orchestral scores to traditional jazz big-band charts; as well as all styles of pop, rock, world-beat, and contemporary electronica.  His concert works been performed in over 25 countries, with ensembles as large as 1,400 musicians, located in venues ranging from New York City's Carnegie Hall to the Great Wall of China.  He is an award-winning audio director and composer of numerous video games, including BioShock Infinite and Mortal Kombat: Armageddon.  

Jim has created music for toys in Burger King kid's meals, as well as collaborative videos with NASA, and has also scored numerous trailers, short films, documentaries, commercials, and television programs, including Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Chicago Hope, and The Weekenders. 

He is also a founding member of the composer-consortium BCM International: four stylistically-diverse composers, dedicated to enriching the repertoire with exciting works for mediums often mired in static formulas. BCM's music has generated a following of champions around the world, several thousand fans in an active online community, and two recordings: "BCM Saves the World" and "BCM Men of Industry."

As a guitarist, Jim has recorded with the Empire Brass (on Telarc Records), and as a studio musician for numerous film scores, including "The Meaning of the Blues", "Alligator Alley", and the TV series "Chicago Hope". He is also regularly featured as a soloist for his electric guitar concerto, Chaos Theory.

Jim graduated from the Cleveland Institute of Music with a double degree in Classical Guitar Performance and Audio Recording Technology. He completed the Advanced Studies program in "Scoring for Motion Picture and Television" at the University of Southern California and participated in the ASCAP Film Composer's Workshop.

Jim currently resides in the Boston area, with his wife Nicki and their two daughters.

In January, 2005 CopyCat Music Licensing began administering the rights to Jim's songs.  If you are interested in licensing the rights to Jim's music, please contact us.  You’ll need to provide us with the following information:

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