Project Credits (Chronological)

ANNE WITH AN E Created by Moira Walley-Beckett, Northwood Entertainment/NCBC/Netflix (w Ari Posner)
THE HANDMAID’S TALE (Additional music) Gilead Productions/MGM Television

BLOOD HONEY Directed by Jeff Kopas, Vitality Media

X COMPANY (3 seasons) Temple Street/CBC 2 Canadian Screen Award Nominations (w Ari Posner)

BLOOD AND FURY: AMERICA’S CIVIL WAR (6 Part Series) America’s Hero Channel (w Ari Posner)

FLASHPOINT (5 seasons) CBS/CTV/Ion/Pink Sky/Avamar

Canadian Screen Award Winner and 3 Gemini nominations (w Ari Posner)

THE INTERSTELLAR SUITE in 5.1 Surround 25 year Anniversary Remix by Frank Morrone Triplet Records

WONDERS OF THE ARCTIC (IMAX 3D) Film Directed by David Lickley Science North

WILDFIRES 4D  Multi-FX Ride Film Directed by David Lickley Science North

MYSTERIES OF THE GREAT LAKES (IMAX) Directed by David Lickley Science North/Sci Minnesota

VIRTUALITY Double Concept Album including Bolero Electronica Bob Moog Foundation

GET ED (2 Seasons) – EMMY Nomination For Main Theme (w Ari Posner) Walt Disney/Red Rover

RECIPE FOR A PERFECT CHRISTMAS Directed by Sheldon Larry (w Ari Posner) Lifetime Television

QUEER AS FOLK Guest Composer Season 5 Alliance Atlantis/Bravo

KING (2 Seasons) – Gemini Award Winner (w Ari Posner) Decode Entertainment/Teletoon

JAMBO KENYA! Documentary Directed by Lalita Krishna Insync Video/CBC

DETENTION (w Meiro Stamm) Directed by Sidney J Furie GFT Entertainment

RESCUE HEROES: THE MOVIE Directed by Ron Pitts Nelvana

IN THE DARK Gemini Award Winner Directed by Leonard Farlinger Shaftesbury Films/CTV

FRANNY'S FEET (3 Seasons) Series – Gemini Nomination (w Ari Posner and Meiro Stamm) Decode Entertainment/Teletoon

JANE GOODALL'S WILD CHIMPANZEES (IMAX) Directed by David Lickley Science North

GOING BACK/UNDER HEAVY FIRE Directed by Sidney J Furie GFT Entertainment

THE ZACK FILES Series Theme (w Ari Posner) Decode Entertainment/Fox Network

A COLDER KIND OF DEATH Directed by Brad Turner Shaftesbury Films/CTV

THE WANDERING SOUL MURDERS Directed by Brad Turner Shaftesbury Films/CTV

CODE NAME: ETERNITY Series – 26 episodes (w Trevor Morris) Protocol/Warner Bros/Channel Four

POWER PLAY Series – 26 episodes Alliance Atlantis/CTV

TALES FROM THE CRYPTKEEPER Series – 39 episodes Nelvana/ABC

GOLD FEVER (IMAX) Directed by David Lickley Science North/SK Films/Shaftesbury Films

JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF Series – 22 episodes Produced by William Lauren and Glenn Davis Alliance Atlantis/CTV/Showcase

KUNG FU, THE LEGEND CONTINUES Series – additional music Warner Bros/FOX

GRIDLOCK Directed by Sandor Stern Alliance Atlantis/CTV/NBC

JOHN WOO'S ONCE A THIEF Directed by John Woo Alliance Atlantis/FOX

FREE WILLY Series – 26 episodes Nelvana/ABC

THE AWAKENING Directed by George Bloomfield Alliance Atlantis/Harlequin/CBS/CTV

SHOCK TREATMENT – Pilot Produced by William Lauren and Glenn Davis Alliance/CTV/ CBS

A PASSION FOR MURDER/BLACK ICE Directed by Neill Fearnley Prism Prod/Saban

ORDEAL IN THE ARCTIC Directed by Mark Sobel Alliance Atlantis/ABC/CTV

CAFE ROMEO Directed by Rex Bromfield Republic Pictures

STRANGER IN THE MIRROR Directed by Charles Jarrott Paragon/Spelling/ABC/CTV


RAY BRADBURY THEATER Series -11 episodes Atlantis/USA Network

IRON EAGLE II Directed by Sidney J Furie Tri-Star/Alliance Atlantis/Carolco

STORM AMPIA Award winner, Directed by David Winning Cannon Films/Groundstar

THE INTERSTELLAR SUITE Vintage Synth Concept Album, Remastered by David Greene Capitol/Cinema Records

NASHID WORLDWIDE ANTHEM Orchestral Arrangement and Production Aga Khan Foundation

CFNY 102.1 THE EDGE Special Projects Producer/Sound Designer Maclean Hunter

VANCOUVER PLANETARIUM “The Interstellar Suite” Full Length show HR MacMillan Planetarium

BENSON AND HEDGES SYMPHONY OF FIRE The Interstellar Suite (Australia Prestentation)

1988 WINTER OLYMPICS Synth Performance and Programming for Tommy Banks

TOTO: FAHRENHEIT Guest synthesist and programmer to Steve Porcaro CBS Records

THE MANOR MARCH Keyboard Magazine – Soundpage with Steve Porcaro

FM96/CKXL 6 CLIO awards, Producer/Sound Designer Moffat Communications

DAVID FOSTER: THE BEST OF ME Synth programming for David Foster MFSL Records

MICHAEL JACKSON: THRILLER Synth Programming for David Foster Epic Records

DESERT MARCH OF THE MILITARY First Prize Roland International Synthesizer Competition Roland Japan

FLIGHT BEYOND THE STARS Grand Prize Roland International Synthesizer Competition Roland Japan




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